Nutrition Services

(all nutrition services can be in person or virtual)

The Full Nutrition Package $300
Initial Consultation + Assessment 
($150 deposit)
We need to get to know your guts! Your health begins with what you put into your body, and it’s time for you to take control. At this first meeting we will talk about what is going on… whether there is something specific that you need to address, or you are looking for general overall improvement of your health and wellbeing, it all starts with a consultation and assessment of your current situation. Going through the overall picture of your current health together will help us to determine what we need to know to get you started on the path to better nutrition… for now, and the long term.
Includes: an in-depth questionnaire covering your current health situation and your concerns, review of your diet, and conversation regarding where you would like your nutritional health to go.

Nutritional Recommendations Delivery + Orientation ($150 balance)
This is where you get the good news… that there are things you can do to improve your health through making better food choices and having the plan in place to help you do so! At this meeting we will go through the results of your personal assessment; I will delivery and explain nutritional recommendations for you to implement, in order to see an improvement in your overall health and well being. You will be amazed by the difference that making some changes to the way you eat can have on every aspect of how you feel – from reduced ailments to easier digestion, and increased energy – you are about to see a boost in your quality of life!
Includes: an analysis of your current diet and symptomatology, goal setting, strategies to improve your health through proper nutrition (food and supplementation) and how to put them into action.

Nutritional Follow-up Session – $90/hr
Keep in touch… there will be questions that arise as you make these changes to your life through taking control of what you put into your body. Let me know what kind of support you need – whether a structured weekly or monthly check-in call, or a “quick-ask” email or text package – I remain here to support you on your journey to nutritional well-being.

Full Re-Assessment – $180
Let’s catch-up! It has been a little while since we first delved into your nutritional health… you have made some changes to how you operate (or maybe you lost track of the things that we planned to do) either way, it’s a great idea to do a complete re-assessment once in awhile, so that you can see the progress you have made, and where you need to re-focus in order to get back on track in the areas where you would like to see more change.

Meal Planning + Recipe Development – Price TBD by Design – Please get in touch
Pantry Assessment, Ingredient and Grocery Training options available.

Corporate/Team/Group Seminars – Starting at $350
Custom designed seminar style information and training sessions for your team, office, or association. If you would like to help your group to improve their well-being through the power of nutritional knowledge, please get in touch to discuss presentation options.

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