“Jason McLaughlan is one of those rare people who walks his talk: he practices holistic health and it shows in his presence.  His knowledge of nutrition and how it affects our overall wellbeing is deep.  His approach to conveying information is relational and collaborative, not evangelistic or ego-based.  A conversation with Jason about nutrition is inspiring and informative…and his genuine commitment to health shines through. Jason prepares food that is flavourful and healthy…and varied… I highly recommend Jason as a coach, as a teacher and as a cook.” – Heather W.

“Since meeting with Jason McLaughlan to discuss my health and habits, I have experienced a huge change in my life. I am now working daily to getting my body all the essential nutrients it needs to run smoothly and I am feeling a whole lot better. My energy is up, my brain fog is clearing and with each passing day I feel more like myself. I would highly recommend meeting with Jason to discuss your nutritional and overall wellness.” – Jessica M.